The Beer

We are proud to use the finest British ingredients and only English hops, to produce delicious, notable beers.

The vast majority of the hops we use are grown and processed just a few metres away from where our brewery is located, on Stocks Farm in Worcestershire: step out of the brewery door and you can see the hop yards!

Our Beers

  • Buckeye Session Bitter 3.4%. An easy drinking, copper-coloured beer with subtle fruity hop flavours from Bramling Cross hops. Available in mini-casks and casks.
  • Sebright Golden Ale 3.8%. A straw-coloured ale with fruity hop aromas and flavours from Endeavour and First Gold hops. A quenching beer. Available in bottles, mini-casks and casks.
  • Pekin Pale Ale 4.0%. A refreshing pale ale with hints of tropical fruit. Quadruple hopped with a new experimental variety developed and grown on the farm where we brew.
  • Silkie Amber Ale 4.2%. A medium-bodied ale with a pleasant bitterness and gentle, citrusy hop aroma. A marriage of Pilgrim and Goldings hops. Available in bottles and casks.
  • Frizzle British IPA 5.0%. Rich golden in colour with a fruity, floral hop aroma and a significant hoppy bitterness from a combination of Pilgrim, UK Cascade and First Gold hops. Available in bottles and mini-casks. Our IPA is available in casks too, but is slightly weaker at 4.5%. 
  • Phoenix Porter 5.2%. Hints of chocolate malt combined with molasses and Phoenix hops create a bittersweet, dark ale. Available in bottles, mini-casks and casks.

In case you were wondering, as we are located in an old chicken shed, we have named our beers after breeds of chickens.

Bottled Beers

Bottled Beers

Our bottled beers are for sale direct from the brewery and also from local stockists, listed here.

Our bottle conditioned beers are the closest you can get to draught beer in a bottle. The beer has undergone secondary fermentation in the bottle, which naturally creates carbonation and a yeast sediment settled at the bottom. This means it needs storing upright and pouring carefully, leaving the sediment in the bottle, so as not to make the beer cloudy. We do not filter, nor add finings to our bottled beers and any haze will not affect their great taste.


Our mini-casks contain 5 litres of cask conditioned beer. These are great for parties, sharing with friends or simply enjoying alone as they last several days once opened. Like our bottled beers, we sell mini-casks directly from the brewery and they are also available from some local stockists.

Gift Packs

Our gift packs contain either three of our bottled conditioned beers or two bottles and a branded pint glass. If buying from the brewery, you can choose the beers to be included in the packs.