The Hops

Our approach to hops is simple: we only use British hops and the vast majority are grown here on Stocks Farm, one of the UK's leading hop producers. We choose not to use foreign hops, preferring instead to use the fantastic flavours and aromas provided by British hops. You won't find any hops from the USA, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, or anywhere else in our beers: we are proud to use only 100% Great British hops.Brewed with British Hops logo

Our beers use a broad range of locally grown hops, including First Gold, Phoenix, Endeavour, Pilgrim, Bramling Cross and Goldings. Some of these are grown less than 100 yards away from the brewery and processed in the hop kilns less than a stone's throw away.

Here are what typical hops look like whilst growing:

A Worcestershire Hop Yard

.....and here you can see the cones, the part of the hop plant that goes into making our delicious beers:

Hop cones - nearly ready to harvest

For more information on British hops, take a look at the British Hop Association website which is packed full of everything you ever wanted to know about hops and hop production in the UK (and also some photos of the hops and hop processing on our doorstep!)